RFID tags used in MLAGES system;

2)UHF -Single and Multi-Use Labels:

Reading of is distance -0-200 cm is the range.. Devices are more expensive.Most places will be charged..Tag price is more favorable..
Like Barcode tag are connected to products.

Currently in retail merchandising inventory control systems barcode solution being used. However, the products one by one with the hand to the ability to read a barcode system limited.. This causes loss of time. Does not provide adequate facilities.

HF RFID system is limited to between 0.5 cm-20 cm provides a reading area. However, the dimensions of the 200x100x50cm is a showcase, considering the possibility of missing even with the portable reader is used to obtain the reading could not be eliminated.Reading time is prolonged...

Described above UHF RFID HF RFID system will be compared with the matter, the read range of UHF RFID technology 1m - 10m is between. UHF (Ultra High Frequency) radio waves and a jewelry store showcases or counters can be controlled without opening the door. All control process should take no more than 10 seconds.

In Center shops (jewelry, carpets, leather, souvenir shops) RFID tag Designed for use.