Since 1992, the jewelry industry-focused, IT Services sector, providing specialist Leading IT companies M&L Computers Ltd. in the jewelry industry market knowledge and technological expertise by combining the - RFID Systems in the new operational units established. Right in the sector,
Reliable and intelligent solutions to address our company on RFID in an ambitious serves. More than 5000 jewelry company is the work of your trust.
Firstly, the issue of RFID, especially the jewelry industry, including the right to tell you, with the right project and the solution is to meet the needs of companies.

Jewelry RFID in matters Consulting Implementation and Support Services jobs like our team the scope of activity, and this issue of M&LAGES (Smart, Safe, Labeling Systems) department, our customer needs and productivity goals a vision that has.
Combines the light of experience with information and offers this service to our valued customers.

Our Quality Policy is composed of the following elements;

✔ Meet the customer expectations by creating new projects.

✔ Establish and implement a respectable, efficent and productive quality management system and improve this with our personels involvement.

✔ Make our personel adopt our vision, mission and quality policy.

✔ M&L Software employees, our organization's vision, mission and to ensure adopt of quality policies.

✔ Create new projects and work through this projects by analysing its results to meet customer  expectations and increase our growth rate.

✔ This quaity policy is a common direction for our personel and review by Management Board periodically.

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